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I have made it my purpose to have a social impact on the world and change it through design and creativity.

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From a young age, I made it my mission to give back to society and contribute in any way I can.

While studying design I was part of a project in social innovation, during which I realised that this will be my way of having an impact on the world while contributing to a greater good, making it my sole goal of my career. It feels like it is my calling because it combines the things that I am most passionate about, such as conducting research on how to solve social problems through a human-centred approach. I would like to apply my skills of Design Thinking and social design to these problems.

I’m passionate when co-creating in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams, and I believe in the importance of combining the desire to have a social impact with different skills, developing ideas and exchanging perspectives.

If you want to contact me to work together, meet up or just to have a chat you can find me at:

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