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I have made it my purpose to have a social impact on the world and change it through design and creativity.

I believe that design is a powerful tool for social innovation.

About Me

From a young age, I made it my mission to give back to society and contribute in any way I can.

While studying design, I was part of a project in social innovation during which I realised that this would be my way of having an impact on the world while contributing to a greater good. Social Innovation feels like my calling because it combines my passions for conducting research, solving social problems and human-centred design. I would like to apply my skills in Design Thinking and Social Design to these problems.

I’m passionate when co-creating in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams, and I believe in the importance of combining different skills, developing ideas and exchanging perspectives with a desire to have social impact.

My Core Strengths

Empathic Listener

Understand & listen. This skill enables my craft as a team player and fosters team integration.To have a  human-centred approach, this is important to apply in projects.

Eloquent Communicator

Delivering & explaining. I use storytelling to take people along the process. I also resort to tools like visualisation of information to deliver projects and results.

Problem Solver

Decisive & constructive. When there are barriers in the way, I try to overcome them by having an overview of solutions. This provides teams a space where we can move past the obstacle.

Critical Thinker

Dig deep & explore. I like to think of the challenges from different perspectives, understanding the why, what and how of a specific problem.

Skills as a Design Strategist for Social Impact

Provider Of Design Tools

I provide design tools to facilitate teams to evolve and solve complex challenges.

Connector of Disciplines

I enable people from different disciplines to understand each other and speak a common language.

Keeper of Visions

I have the vision and overview on how to move forward to solve the challenges teams and organisations face.



Phone Number: +31 0613462918

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